Located in Los Angeles I am a dominant, physical powerhouse. Confident, Playful, Sadistic, is My nature.



From a very young age I have always been attracted to female empowerment and muscle. Growing up as an athlete I competed in fitness/bodybuilding for 8 years. The gym was My outlet. It still is today but as I have matured and transitioned into a career of FemDom, I find nothing more satisfying than using My athletic stature and dominant nature to see you struggle, to beg for mercy, to submit.



Once having a position as a Correctional Officer at a level 4 State prison I learned very fast that holding a career of control and discipline was in My path. Feeding Charles Manson and walking tiers was not the glamorous life I yearned to live.  Too many rules and regulations working for the State, I decided to carve My own path. My own rules.



Starting in the scene professionally in 2009 as a wrestler and muscle domination fetishist I quickly grew to enjoy many BDSM activities.  I am athletic, physical, strict and humorous.  My demeanor can range from cruel to sensual. I have an athletic muscular build at 5'8" (stockings) and 6'2" (heels).

Andrea Untamed | FemDom Powerhouse